HeadlineWhere you are not just another client. You are family.

Allegiant Strategies Group is a strategic consulting and government relations firm based in Tallahassee, Florida specializing in Business to Government (B2G), Business to Business (B2B), and Business Growth services. At Allegiant, your business is our business and we are in the business of success. The Allegiant Team represents our members before all levels of government to drive positive results for those seeking to break into and remain competitive in the Florida government market. 

One of our strengths is depth of knowledge on the operations of Government. We walk you through the who, what, when, where, why, and how Government functions and what it means for your business. If you want to be successful, we can show you the strategy and tactics of how the different parts of Government function and how to leverage your business, opportunity, or request to be successful. 

We pride ourselves on our values, our integrity, and our commitment to a higher purpose. Our higher purpose is investing in people and helping them grow by becoming the most effective navigators of the Florida government space. Not only do we advocate for our members, but we unite with them to provide 360° AI

360° (AI) Advocacy Intelligence:

A complete understanding and insight of how to influence the operating environment you are seeking to navigate.

We are servant leaders who strive for excellence in all that we do.

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